A b o u t

As Fine Art graduates from UCA Farnham we have formed Artsake collective as an initiative to support and provide emerging artists a platform to showcase their work.  As practising artists we have various experiences and expertise to contribute to the group.

Lottie Jackson-Eeles

‘My art practice deals with mapping the urban landscape. Through the process of drawing I use a graphic, idyllic style that focuses on colour, pattern, line and architectural designs sourced from my experiences of London. I’ve had previous experience of art handling and the curation and setting up of exhibitions.’

Peter Elton

‘Whilst studying art I developed a keen interest in domestic design, architecture and pattern and produced furniture with a strong industrial and modernist influence. Previously I’ve had communicative and logistic roles in group exhibitions, and am currently moving towards a sales position in the visual arts.’

Sarah Bonner

‘I am currently concerned with the relationship and thought processes of the artist and the viewer. I re-edit and abstract images of the landscape and focus on my individual process and painting technique to form a personal response. I have been directly involved in setting up exhibitions and liaising with artists.’
Link: www.sarahbonner.tumblr.com