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Jerwood drawing prize private view last night! Some beautiful and intricate drawings selected this year, Lottie's work included. Take a look!!


Only a week to go until the Jerwood Drawing prize private view! Lottie's fourth 'Imagery Imaginary' book has been accepted this year as well! The exhibit runs until the 27.10 and then tours around the UK. More details about the show and the artists selected this year can be found on this blog: http://makingamark.blogspot.co.uk/


This was the first artist we chose as ARTIST OF THE WEEK: Sherrie-Leigh Webb recently joined our collective of artists so it felt right to promote her work first. This piece is called 'Apparition Mountain'. To enjoy more of her work please visit her website:http://www.sherrieleighwebb.com/


ARTIST OF THE WEEK coming soon. Check out our facebook page for these exciting updates for artworks that we're loving right now!


Thanks to all the artists who submitted for our latest open call for album artwork. These were our favourites:

              By Jeanette Stevenson

               By Kenny Record

  By Peter Tinkler


EXTENSION: For the album artwork submissions. Deadline is now 20th of April. Same requirements as before, a high res jpeg sent to our email address. More details can be found on our advert: http://www.artsjobs.org.uk/index.php?id=25&ne_source=approvejobs&ne_post_id=99737


Calling for submissions from artists for album artwork for Grizzly and the Grasshoppers forthcoming album 'Dreams float by'. Work must include the name of the band and title of the album, and can be existing work as long as it relates to the band/title in someway. 

Please send hi res images to artsakecollective@gmail.com by the 20th March! More details can be found in our advert on Art News:

Information on the band can be found on their website:

And goodluck!!


We went on the 'Eastward into Bermondsey art tour' as part of SLAM (South London Art Map). Among the galleries were The Drawing Room and Jacob's Island. This was a great tour and gave us a few ideas on spaces! For more info about this tour visit: http://www.southlondonartmap.com/


HAPPY NEW YEAR ARTY PEOPLE!! We're aiming to get another group show together very soon, so watch this space!...

We are always looking for talented artists, so if you would like to submit work and be involved in one of our shows please email us at artsakecollective@gmail.com


PV last night of 'a matter of line'. Went really well and had a lot of support. Also a great turnout and discussion at the crit we organised with Jonathan Parsons, some good feedback on artists' work and the show.


Artsake collective’s new exhibition ‘A matter of line’ brings together diverse perceptions of drawing from relevant emerging artists today. From the imaginings of a werewolf to a fiddle playing fox, this exhibition is a celebration of contemporary drawing practices.

The exhibiting artists include: Alannah Barker, Ryan Brown, Fiona Gill, Ryan Humphrey, Lottie Jackson-Eeles and Robert Knox


We're pleased to announce our next show 'A matter of line' which will be held at Artspace, Portsmouth and will run from the 30th of October to the 4th of November. More details coming soon...


Artsake collective are looking for emerging artists for their future shows. Are you a practising artist who would like a platform to show your work and develop a social network with like-minded creative’s?

If so send us a link to you website, along with an artist statement and your current C.V to artsakecollective@gmail.com


Private view launch of our first show last night at the Old Police Station. It was a good turnout and the space proved successful in highlighting our engagement with the curation and range of work involved. Here are some of the photos from the night, more can be found on our facebook page: 

 corridor space

Artsake team


Here is a text version of our press release for our show 'artsake'. Private view will be 10th of May from 6.30-9.30 and will be used to showcase emerging artists' work, a networking opportunity to meet more art folk and a fundrasing event in the form of a silent postcard auction. These are two examples of the work exhibiting. Please email us for a pdf version.

Left: Alannah Barker 'Untitled'
Right: Ryan Humphrey 'Punk'
Copyright of artists


Public Art Exhibition
10th May – 17th May 2012
The Old Police Station, 114 Amersham Vale, Deptford, London, SE14 6LJ 
Artsake Collective is pleased to announce its inaugural exhibition, showcasing a variety of upcoming artists.  The exhibited works interplay through varying themes, notably that of interchanging aspects of fiction and the everyday. Like the work, the space represents that which was seen as ordinary, something to be overlooked, yet through its renewed function to act as a platform for the work, it demands to be taken notice of, to be reconsidered.
Artsake Collective is founded by artists for artists, designed to offer the opportunity for emerging visual artists to showcase their work within professional art environments.  We hope to meet and engage with creative individuals, build relationships and ultimately become part of this community built upon a shared passion for the arts.

NOTE: There will be a silent auction during the private view in order to help support and fund future shows.    Each artist showcasing their work will create a number of handmade original postcards that viewers can bid on, there will be a minimum bid of £5, the highest bids will win unique artworks.

Exhibiting Artists
Alannah Barker, Sarah Bonner, Ryan Brown, Peter Elton, Ryan Humphrey, Tom Hyland and Lottie Jackson-Eeles

Exhibition Address
The Old Police Station, 114 Amersham Vale, Deptford, London, SE14 6LJ

Exhibition Dates
Thursday 10th May – Thursday 17th May

Private View
Thursday 10th May 2012 (18:30 – 21:30)

Opening Times
Monday – Friday (11:00 – 18:00)
Saturday (10:00 – 19:00)
Sunday (10:00 – 17:00)


We are hoping to hold our first exhibition and launch artsake collective at the Old Police station in Deptford, from 10th-17th of May. More details coming soon on our blog and facebook page ....

Private view for 'the other art fair' at the Bargehouse.

The artsake group got together the other night to see Ryan Brown's work and others at 'the other art fair' at the Bargehouse, some amazing stuff! We've started compiling a shortlist of artists for the first show, which we're hoping to put on by late January, early february. So watch this space ....................

Private view for the Jerwood Drawing Prize.
Lottie's book piece 'Imagery Imaginary volume I' has been selected for the exhibition and the group went to show our support.

    The Artsake team: Pete, Lottie and Sarah